Fixed low competitive cost of energy with SUNMARK Solutions

 – without the aid of subsidies!

SUNMARK Solutions is a leading provider of turn-key solutions based on large scale solar thermal installations for process heating, heating and cooling. Our technology can replace up to 90% of the fossil fuel consumption – it’s competitive and sustainable!

SUNMARK Solutions produce all vital parts of a turn-key installation ensuring the highest quality and efficiency resulting in the most competitive energy prices!

Contact us for a pre-feasibility study, to know how much you can save with a SUNMARK solution!  

Business Areas

Our expertise draws upon more than 25 years of experience in the solar heating business.

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Solar Energy

Environmentally sound and sustainable and offers a cost of energy that is competitive without subsidies.

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Sunmark Solutions A/S

SUNMARK Solutions has more than 25 years of experience in the solar industry – and we are now recognised as a leading company in our field.

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SUNMARK Solutions - how we do it


See the video and get a

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99% sustainable energy


In the summer months, the solar system supplies heating for the storage facility and provides Mar

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Minera Gaby


The world's largest solar thermal installation for  the world's largest copper mining company

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